What is Lavare 24/7?

Lavare 24/7 is a bitcoin broker business, but what does that mean? In short – we will buy/sell Bitcoin to you.

Why use Lavare 24/7?

Lavare 24/7 offers many different payment methods with the primary focus being on “cash in person” transactions.  The type of “cash in person” transactions offered by lavare 24/7 are the best in the UK for volume, anonymity and security.

We also offer transactions via the “get cash” system used by NatWest and RBS, when using the “get cash” system you can buy bitcoins fast and straight from your bank account without having to wait for lengthy ID/transaction confirmation times, an unrivaled service in the UK.

We believe we are the best service to buy bitcoin from in the UK, but don’t just take our word for it. With hundreds of trades and happy customers we are well established and growing daily.